Update #3 on Thor

We have a wonderful update on the invincible Thor, courtesy of Nanci Creedon, Dog Behaviourist, who has been working with Thor while he is being cared for at Riverview Vets. She’s made this brilliant video to show his progress as he gets braver and more trusting of humans:


And there’s even more progress: this weekend, Thor has finally wagged his tail. And it is still wagging!

He is pictured above with his new pal Heidi. Heidi belongs to Val, the veterinary nurse at Riverview. It took Heidi one whole year to wag her tail as she came from such a traumatic background. This Easter was a big deal for Thor as he left the clinic to have a sleepover at Val’s to see if this could help him more. Well, Val reports that she is ecstatic. Thor is following Heidi around the living room WAGGING HIS TAIL. This is the best news we could get for Thor, and things can only get better for him from here.

It is especially encouraging to everyone at DAWG and all of our supporters to see the kind of progress that can be made on a weekend when we have so many new and desperate dogs coming into our care.

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  1. V happy to see Thor doing so well..

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