Foster a DAWG Dog

Fostering is a rewarding experience and in taking a dog into your home gives us the opportunity to help another dog in need. A foster home is extremely important to prepare each dog for their new homes and is also a key link in learning more about their personalities so we can find the most suitable placement for them.

My kids have definitely caught the fostering bug from me. The other day my youngest said, ‘Mum, when this one goes, will we be able to help another dog find a home?’

Who fosters?

  • Dog lovers who are not yet ready to commit to a dog for life or who’s future plans don’t allow for a “forever” dog yet
  • Dog owners with room in their homes and hearts for another dog in need
  • People who can’t provide full-time fostering but can look after a dog short term in an emergency or while its regular fosterer is on holidays

Our fosterers are made up of all kinds of people: single, couples, and families with children; students, retired people, parents at home and people in part-time work. We work hard to make sure each dog placed in a foster home is a suitable match; we have fosterers who specialise in puppies, in bull breeds, in large or senior dogs.

Fostering requirements:

Whatever your circumstances, we have a potential foster to fit your home as long as:

  • Someone is home for most of the day
  • You have an enclosed garden and a little bed indoors
  • You enjoy walking and can give your foster enough exercise

In return, DAWG can offer you:

  • Cover for all food and veterinary costs
  • Peer-to-peer support from your fellow fosterers
  • The satisfaction of knowing you played a vital role helping a dog on its journey to a forever home

Find out more!

If you’re interested in fostering for DAWG, please fill out our online form and we’ll be more than delighted to chat with you about it.

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