Chummy the terrier x

Chummy’s start in life was not easy. He spent his first 6 months alone in a dark room. Due to this awful and frightening isolation, his social skills suffered immensely. He is absolutely terrified of everything. Every sound is new to him. He’s afraid of people, cars , wind ,rain, the list is endless. Walking is still a challenge, sometimes we have to carry him home but he is getting better by the day. Chummy is at ease with the family in his longterm foster home now and is trusting of them and starting to relive his puppy days. But everything comes rushing back to him if someone visits the house or he is introducted to a new environment. Change terrifies him. Chummy is a beautiful but tormented soul. Moving him to a new home would be detrimental to his mental health. We are so glad Tanya and family have offered him a longterm foster home. Thank you for sponsoring Chummy.

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