Lady the Lurcher

At first glance, Lady is a trembling victim of her past. But once she gets to know you and feels safe in your company, her wonderful personality begins to shine through. She is a true goofball and she sometimes doesn’t know how to be a dog. She does a funny little dance and a silent bark when she wants to play. She often passes us with cushions in her mouth or flies by us with her best friend Ophelia doing zoomies together. In the evening times, she likes to sit on her throne with one paw crossed over the other looking like a princess. Either that or she wants to be a lapdog, which is a little bit challenging for her with her lanky legs (as we say, her legs eleven). Lady is a beautiful, gentle, loving lady. Lady is too fearful to move from her home with Sheree. She is only comfortable there and with her four legged pals. We have tried and failed to home her and thankfully Sheree offered to foster long term. It would be unfair to move this gentle girl any more, we hate to think what she experienced in the past that impacted her so much. She is in the best place now.

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