Tia – Born to fight?



This is the sad scarred face of dog fighting in Ireland today.

We got a call late Saturday night about a dog found wandering in the lashing rain outside a pub. The people who phoned were loathe to leave her and made numerous calls for someone to help

The two ladies stayed with her in the rain until one of our volunteers went to collect her. They even named her Tia and gave us a donation towards her care. The sight we came across broke our hearts. Tia, about a year old is skin and bone, has deep infected pressure sores from lying on concrete, has ear mites, and has severe breathing problems. Her face is quite swollen. She was in a terrible state yet endeared herself to all who met her.

She stayed the night at a volunteers house and at first she was so exhausted she fell asleep standing up. Afraid and unsure to lie down. When she was brought to the vets the next morning we were told she has typical fighter dog scars. When he opened her mouth the reason for her swollen face and breathing problems were apparent, she has broken teeth and infected gums. Today she is being x-rayed to see if she has a broken jaw

. The condition Tia was left to get in is horrifying. Yet, she is so grateful for the food, and warmth she is receiving and has a wag of the tail for all she meets. Because of Tia’s background whether she was attacked or used for fighting we will have to test her with other dogs and rehabilitate her. She will not be up for rehoming until she is assessed. But so far the reports are that she is quiet around other dogs. But we have to be sensible about how to rehome Tia and in the meantime she will get the love and care she never thought she deserved.

The thought that there others like her, lying on concrete, starving and more than likely suffering from one injury or another angers us deeply. If anyone has any suspicions of dogs being bred and used for fighting we beg you to please report it to the guards and to the ISPCA. The suffering this causes is untold. If you can help towards Tia’s care and rehabilitation we would be very grateful.

Update: We have had the offer of an amazing experienced foster for Tia in Tipperary!! We look forward to new pictures shortly and will keep you posted on her progress



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