Lyndons very happy ending

Lyndon happy1

For those who say hounds dont make good pets, cant be trained or cannot be homed with small furry animals please read Lyndons story and be proved wrong:) – This is the story of one very happy harrier hound! Lyndon was adopted from DAWG nearly 2 years ago when he was around 8. Since then has been very busy transforming us!

Since the very first day he has been the dream dog. Being a hound we were a bit apprehensive about how he would get on with the pet rabbit & guinea pig. The answer was not bothered with them at all! The rabbit could run between his legs and he wasn’t concerned! He is the same with children!

Very early on we discovered Lyndon’s weakness and the way to his heart, food of any type! Food made him find his voice very quick and we now get barked at daily. The minute dinner ends, he barks for biscuits and we also leant that he can count! Everyone has to have two biscuits for a dog to be happy!! Also he is a great help around the house and likes to actively participate in unpacking the weekly shop!

This dog is super smart and learnt to give paw in less than 24 hours (but once again food was the key!). In one day he had mastered one paw, the following day he learnt to give the second paw and now will give every second paw as many times as you like once its for food! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

Before we got Lyndon, exercise was a talked about thing but since he came we have been out every single day and we call him our personal trainer! Better than any gym! He absolutely loves forests and this is where he comes alive.

Lyndon we believe was some how left behind from a hunt and since we got him we have taken him absolutely everywhere and he doesn’t like being left behind! He has been camping with us and loves it, loves going in the car and you can take him anywhere. So well behaved on and off the lead and is just happy to be taken wherever we go.

He is a big softie, so affectionate, loves his cuddles and is super cute. It is very hard to say no to that cute face and he has broken absolutely every rule we had set before we got him!! He rules this house hands down. But he is worth it! We cannot recommend highly enough hounds as pets. Lyndon has taken on a very special role of minder in the last few months as he knew that we were expecting a baby before we did ourselves. He hasn’t left my side and I’ve been spoilt with extra cuddles. He continues to amaze us and make us smile and laugh daily.

A huge thank you to DAWG for our boy and to Jo who gave Lyndon a brilliant foster home until he found his forever home. We are so grateful for all yer good work.

Nic and Darragh.