Daisy and Her Tiny Pack: A Tribute

In January, DAWG were horrified to learn of six chihuahuas who, following the death of their owner, were being kept in a garden shed. Temperatures at the time were dropping to -4C overnight, so despite the fact DAWG’s doors were closed, our amazing fosterers found room in their hearts and their homes to save these tiny, desperate dogs.

Even after they were each safe and warm, our hearts broke for them. All of the dogs had urgent medical needs. None was spayed or neutered. All had been used for breeding. Two needed surgery for untreated conditions. And the list went on.

A member of this mighty mini pack of tiny Chihuahuas, Daisy was encumbered with a serious mobility issue since birth. Despite her disability and her very sad history, Daisy thrived in her foster home, happy and settled with her friends, warm and safe and cherished. Everyone at DAWG was immediately committed to improving Daisy’s quality of life, and plans were underway to do whatever it took to help her. Tragically, the night before her appointment with a specialist orthopaedic surgeon, Daisy’s health took a dramatic plunge, and after six years of struggle, her little heart gave out.

Daisy died on February 17th, at the vets, surrounded by the love of her fosterers.

Everyone at DAWG looks forward to giving each dog in our care a long and full life with a forever family. It is devastating to lose Daisy before she got that chance. She is deeply missed by her foster family, everyone at DAWG, and the tiny chihuahua buddies with whom she spent her whole life.

To honour Daisy, DAWG has established a memorial fund for the care of her chihuahua family. Veterinary costs for Daisy and for Bella, Bo, Maisey, Duke and Pip total more than €1200. With 128 dogs currently in DAWG’s care, finances to meet their needs are severely stretched. We need your help, and appreciate whatever you can give to help support these tiny dogs in so much need. Thank you.

The Daisy Memorial Fund

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