Our beloved Bertie passed away before Christmas 2013. He is sadly missed. Thank you so much to those who sponsored Bertie over the years.

Bertie, the DAWG Mascot

Bertie, the DAWG Mascot

Meet Bertie the Cork DAWG Mascot!

Bertie is our resident mascot at the Sanctuary.
He is a fantastic dog and brings many a smile to our faces.

Bertie cannot be rehomed as he is afraid of strangers especially men due to the difficulties he encountered before he was rescued.

So his home is with the many rescue dogs and he is there to protect them and make sure they feel welcome during their time spent in the Sanctuary.
Oh and we forgot to mention….. and he is the boss of them all!

We love Bertie so much and the fact that he is well, comfortable here, and knows he can trust us makes it all worthwhile everyday.