Gorby's Rainbow Bridge Tribute

Gorby was much more than a family pet. He was our best friend and is still terribly missed.

We had 8 brilliant years with Gorby, until one Christmas he stopped eating and rapidly lost weight. That January he was scanned and the news we were all dreading was confirmed that Gorby’s stomach and pancreas were lined with tumours. I will never forget that day knowing our time with him was now limited. Thanks to his amazing vet who cared so much for him we had 6 fantastic months filled with very happy memories and Gorby seemed healthier than ever…until one day Gorby couldn’t finish his walk.

In a way looking back I know he was trying to tell us enough was enough. 48 hours later Gorby sat with his head on my lap unable to get up or fight any more. He raised his head, looked at my dad who was his whole world, and put his head back on my lap and our vet let him go free.

Gorby took a bit of all of us with him, my childhood memories, my shoulder to cry on because he always understood, my best friend…miss you always Gorb xxx

Remembered by: Kate Walsh

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