Willow the Fox Terrier

Here is a report from Willows fantastic fosterer Suzanne –

Willow is 5 years old. Very friendly, quiet dog. She rarely barks at anything. 

Loves her walks, we go out 2-3 times daily. She gets approx 2.5 hours walking.

Very good off lead, gentle with people and good with dogs who dont get in her face. Her recall is pretty good once she knows you and bonded. We let her off lead in big greens and at the beach. She does not have road sense so must be on lead around cars. She will run off if she gets a scent but does come back. She is very treat oriented so will come back quickly if she knows you have goodies for her.

She can be a bit unpredictable with other dogs when on lead but we find she is getting better all round as she’s socialised more and feels more secure. She wont suit cats.

She is very family oriented and wants to be close always. She is playful and goofy and loves to play frisbee,tug of war, fetch, pretend fighting, she will cuff your arm gently if you allow. Her favourite thing ever is to sit on your lap for cuddles, she falls asleep quickly like that. 

She loves riding shotgun in the car and will fall asleep quickly there too.

Having spent a lot of time with her and observing her we feel she would be happiest in a household where ideally it is only her. She would probably be fine in a house with another dog that was pretty mellow. She tires fast with very high energy dogs and gets stressed.

She requires a lot of attention and would be a good fit in a household where at least one person is there most/if not all of the day. 

House training. She is not fully house trained. We have had a few accidents from her over the past few weeks, in random places and random times. We had her checked out at the vet, she doesn’t have a UTI or diabetes. Not sure if the peeing is emotional. This is very important to know for a prospective owner as we would rather keep her longer and be sure she goes to the right people who are patient with her. We have been doing lots of positive reinforcement to get her to pee outside. She is smart and does respond well to training but thisis a work in progress it seems.

Willow thrives in a chilled out environment so adult only home only or teenage children please.

  • Age: 4-7 Years
  • Size: Medium
  • Gender: Female
  • Good with Cats: No
  • Housetrained: Getting there

Willow has gone to her forever home!