Tyco the Husky x Samoyed

Tyco is a Husky/Samoyed cross whose stunning good looks make him the center of attention wherever he goes!

Whoever adopts Tyco will be rewarded with an unswervingly loyal, affectionate dog who is smart as a whip. Unlike most Huskies and Samoyeds he is not a chatterbox (thankfully!) and he is a nice medium to large size, similar to a large Lab.

Like all huskies, he needs lots of exercise and he was terrible on the lead, but a Halti seems to have cured that!

He is very gentle with my little dog but he has a history of reactivity around other males. He also does not like cats, and is unnerved by young children. Tyco would be best suited to an active home with teenagers or no children.

I can’t say enough good things about this boy who has been waiting too long for his forever home.

Tyco has gone to his forever home!