Trevor the Patterdale Pup

Trevor is 8 weeks old and looking for a terrier experienced home. Patterdales are fiesty and energetic dogs and if they dont get the exercise and stimulation they need will become bold and destructive. They are extremely clever and loyal dogs in the right home. Trevor is in foster with other dogs and a cat and is well socialised. He is a brave little fella who chases the cat but only to play, He backed off once the cat let him know who the boss was. Trevor also loves time on the lap and cuddles. He has overcome a lot already in his very young life and is a trooper.

Children over 8 for Trevor. He will do fine as the only dog or with a confident female.

  • Breed:
  • Age: Puppy
  • Size: Small
  • Gender: Male
  • Good with Cats: Yes
  • Housetrained: Getting there

Trevor has gone to his forever home!