Tom the Terrier x

Tom thumb is looking for an extra special understanding home. He is one very complex little creature. Tom adores female dogs and he has a huge love for the bull breed females. He feels protected and can hide behind them. Tom is looking for an adult only home. Tom’s issue is he does not look for or like much human interaction. He just wants to potter about or chill with his female. His fosterer has him walking on the lead with the pack and will sometimes eat from his hand but that is about it. He is NOT a lap dog or one to be cuddled. He will take a long time to come round. We dont know what traumas this poor boy has been through.

So if you have space in your pack or with a female in particular (if a bull breed even better) and you dont mind having a dog who will keep an eye on you and enjoy your company in his own peculiar way but will not allow petting or much handling, Tom is your man. We want a safe, secure, understanding and loving environment for Tom. Its not his fault, its some trauma from his past that has caused this huge barrier for Tom when it comes to rubs and petting.

  • Age: 1-3 Years
  • Size: Small
  • Gender: Male
  • Good with Cats: No
  • Housetrained: Yes

Tom has gone to his forever home!