Stan the Lurcher

Stan is a beautiful mix of scruffy and smooth coated lurcher ! At only about two years old, this lovely boy has been through a lot and has suffered in the way many lurchers in this country do. We don’t know why they are treated so appallingly but he is one of so many souls left traumatised and hurt by their past lives. Stan, is moving on though and is starting to enjoy life. He is the most gentle, trusting boy. He seems to have no prey drive at all and is ignoring the cats where he is staying. He is a little startled by loud noises and is still a little wary and careful of himself but this boy is ready for his new life. We are delighted that more and more people are discovering the joy of rescuing a lurcher and Stan is more than ready to show you how magical lurchers are. Stan needs a secure garden and if you are not home all day, he would benefit from another confident dog who will take him under their wing. Children over 8 for Stan. And an enclosed garden a must.

Stan has gone to his forever home!