Spot the Jack Russell x

Millie & Spot

Spot the Jack Russell xWe are trying to re-home our beautiful dogs due to a change in our circumstances.  It would be great if they were together but they can be re-homed separately also.   Millie is a beautiful, friendly, loyal female Collie.   She loves to play catch and will come when she is called.  Millie is sometimes a little nervous and shy but she comes out of herself the longer she knows people.  She has a very gentle temperament and is perfect around children.  She is intelligent and would be very adaptable to training.  When we brought home our new baby and we could not hear the baby crying, Millie barked until she got our attention so we could tend to the baby.  She is a good guard dog also.  She is outside in the daytime and comes into our kitchen to sleep at night.  She loves a cuddle and is playful and affectionate.  She is 4 years old, vaccinated and neutered.  She is very good with other dogs but she would chase cats.    Our terrier Spot would love nothing more than to be re-homed in a house where he could snuggle up on your lap, or sofa or by the fire.  He loves his downtime but also loves to play catch with the ball.  He is not as trainable as Millie but is a real pet and loves company.  He is good around children too.  He is a good guard dog.  He is neutered and vaccinated.  

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