Sonny the Lurcher

Sonny is a beautiful one year old boy inside and out. He has suffered unspeakable cruelty and has completely risen above this and has transformed into a really affable easy going boy. If you are looking for a perfect lurcher, Sonny is your boy. He has a spring in his step, is perfect on the lead and amazing recall off lead also, he is friendly with other dogs (if a little shy to start) and loves to play . Typical of lurchers he is an incredible runner, and also an incredible couch potato ! He loves a nice comfortable couch, a cuddle and a tasty dinner and is pathetically grateful for everything. He has an endearing little smile when he greets you and his little tail wags uncontrollably. For Sonny, we are looking for a home with sighthound experience, another dog to guide and play with and teenage children (as he is still an unruly teenager himself). Sonny still doesn’t look his best yet as he had so many wounds and skin issues but we know he will be absolutely stunning in time. Everyone who has met this boy loves him and we believe he deserves the perfect home – if you think you have this, please contact us to arrange to meet him.

Sonny has gone to his forever home!