Seren the Whippet x

Oh Seren how beautiful you are. Approx 2yrs old (max) Whippet mix, we do not know her story but she was found as a starving survivor at the back of a pub and is now one of the lucky ones. She is a lot smaller than she looks in the pictures, knee height to a short person, and will make the most perfect pet. We do not have a picture of her standing up because she just loves to relax and cuddle, she took to to it immediately as most sighthounds do. Seren is extremely intelligent, already housetrained and responding to recall, we are so proud of her. She will thrive in a home with another dog, she can be left alone with another dog for company but definitely not with any food in reach! She is also fine with cats, her prey drive has not been developed. Be prepared that when you take her for a walk, people will stop you to comment on her beauty, she is a model and pictures to do not capture her amazing markings and beauty! She has weight to put on and health to regain but this will not take long, patience is everything. She does not like to be left alone on her own and will need a very secure garden and ideally another canine companion to help build her confidence and to bond with, she has bonded immediately with our small dog. If you are looking for a couch companion this girl couldn’t be more perfect. Children over 8.

Seren has gone to her forever home!