Sasha the Lurcher

We all jumped for joy when Sasha the lurcher was offered a foster home. She had been in kennels for approx 6 months. It makes the world of difference when homing a dog as you can tell so much more about them in a home. Here is Sasha’s foster update:  Sasha is doing great in her foster home and is enjoying life after kennels.
She loves meeting people and dogs, she has become very popular with all our friends and family as she is very affectionate and wants to be friends with everyone, dogs included.
Sasha loves going on adventures with her foster brother Ziggy and then curling up on the sofa with everyone.
She walks well on lead, is toilet trained and responds well to voice commands, she’s a smart lady who could be very well trained.
A great mix of independent and loving, relaxed and playful, we’re big fans already and she has all the potential in the world if homed somewhere with plenty going on to keep her entertained.

Sasha has gone to her forever home!