Rusty the Terrier x

rusty terrier xThis is the lovely Rusty, a terrier boy of approximately 8 years old. Rusty has a gorgeous coloured coat, lovely expressive ears, and when he gets excited, he has a range of vocal sounds that make it seem like he’s trying to talk to you! He is great on his lead and absolutely adores his walks. He is crate trained and almost toilet trained and sleeps through the night.

I think that Rusty has always been an outdoors dog and unfortunately has had very little human contact as he can be scared of new people and sometimes startles easily if approached suddenly, or feels threatened. That being said, with a little time and patience he will overcome this fear and learn to trust, and he has already come a long way in doing that. For this reason, ideally an adult-only home for this boy for the moment anyways. Rusty has a bit of arthritis but apart from the odd course of anti-inflammatories, this does not hinder him in the least.

Rusty is very good with other dogs and if there was a competition for the “waggiest-tail” he would win it paws down every time! …. makes me smile every time at the speed he can wag his tail with. Rusty loves to play with his toys, especially his kong which he fires around the place like a puppy would!, and even loves to play “fetch” (he’s not so great with the “bring back” bit though!). For his age, he is a very active, playful dog. He really loves getting attention and although he was very cautious in the beginning he now comes back for more, nuzzling with his nose until he gets his rubs! Please consider this gorgeous dog who deserves a break and to find his forever home 🙂

rusty terrier xrusty the terrier x

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