Reece the Mixed Breed

This boy came in absolutely terrified! He is still nervous of wooden and tiled floors but is much more relaxed on mats and carpets. Poor boy we can only guess at his past –

Reese came to us four weeks ago with so much sadness in his eyes. He spent two weeks hiding in a corner terrified to make eye contact and had to be carried outside to do his business. In the last two weeks he’s discovered how to jump up on the bed and watch the other dogs in the house go about their day and will now play with toys and come for cuddles, everyday he’s starting to trust a little bit more , Reese has the sweetest nature and is going to make the perfect companion with a bit of time and patience.

Reece must have another calm patient dog in the home to show him the ropes. Teenage children or adult only as he is such a nervous little boy. There is no badness in Reece. He adores men more then women for some reason and trusts them more readily. Chin rubs are his favourite thing in the world. We would love to find Reece’s special new home. A secure garden is a must. 

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