Penny the Lurcher

Penny is a year-old Saluki /Lurcher who has decided she’s a supermodel. With stunning good looks, flashing brown eyes and long legs, she enjoys long walks on the beach, trips to the Spaw and doesn’t get out of bed for anything less than a hand-made breakfast.

Seriously, Penny is a sweet gentle soul, a loving, trusting, delightful dog you will instantly fall in love with. She loves company, is naturally drawn to children and gets on well with other dogs, though may be a bit shy at the start. 

Penny is still a puppy at heart so be prepared to rescue the odd shoe or flip flop and should you notice a missing sock, she’ll be cuddling it. Her foster parents say  no dog has made them laugh so much. When not the epitome of elegance Penny is a total goof ball!

Her difficult start in life has resulted in pressure sores and a delicate skin but she is recovering slowly. Penny is timid and stresses easily. Totally trusting humans she needs a very gentle home. Mostly house trained, thanks to “Buster” her foster brother but she can still have some accidents. She sometimes pees on her bed or a rug when stressed or tired. When Penny arrived she would lay down in her “business” – she had been caged and knew no different. She is understandably terrified of crates now. Penny suffers separation anxiety so will need someone or a confident dog companion with her most of the time. 

The ideal forever home for Pretty Penny the Princess would be a Castle with moat and a staff.  In the meantime an active family with a comfy sofa with a very secure garden will suffice.  Needs to have at least 6 foot high walls/fencing. Children and dogs and advantage – NO CATS – they are just for chasing! She loves cuddling up to another dog for sure. From the emaciated girl with infected paws and talons for nails, who could only walk for 3 or 4 minutes at a time – she now out runs Buster and can run for 90 mins on the beach no bother.

While extremely gentle, her bouncy personality could knock over a toddler, so perhaps slightly older children would be best. She follows children when out on walks.

Door issues – Penny cant navigate half open doors. 🙂

Once settled; you won’t be able to imagine life without her. She is exquisite.

Penny has gone to her forever home!