Peggy the German Shepherd

Peggy is 10 years old or so and is looking for a special retirement home. She is in foster and is such a good girl. Here fosterer tells us that she loves to nuzzle in for a cuddle and to curl up next to her on the couch for a nap. She is so affectionate and extremely loyal. Peggy has mammary tumors but is too old for such an invasive op. So basically just needs palliative care as such. We want her to live out her days out of pain, carefree and happy with no visits in an out to vets. She is loving life currently, her food, her cuddles and her walks. She is in no pain and not on any meds.

Adult only home or family with teenage kids for Peggy. She would prefer to be the only dog in the home.

Peggy has gone to her forever home!