Ollie the Mixed Breed.

Ollie waits for his forever home.
Ollie is a beautiful dog, hes roughly 1 years now and has nothing but love to give.
Although Ollie is big he is happy with one long walk a day all he truly wants is your attention and love.
Ollie has come a long way since we first met and requires patience and training, hes not yet perfect but he is perfectly imperfect.
Ollie is used to being around horses, ferrets and he LOVES other dogs. He would be best suited with a confident yet playful dog, hes best friends with our German Shepherd.
Hes an absolute sweet heart, hes so grateful for everything he is ever given and so loving.
Ollie requires a home where he will be given the attention, patience and loving he deserves. He has come so far and he has potential to be an amazing dog.
Ollie needs a rural home where he has
space outside to explore and sunbathe (as he loves the sun!) And somewhere comfy inside to sleep as he defo has lurcher in him he loves his comfort and can be a little bit of a drama queen if not provided.
Ollie loves his crate as when he first arrived he was very nervous and this became his safe space, for anyone that suits ollie as a forever home I will provide free crate training for them.
Children over 12 would suit ollie just because of his size and a rural setting would be best. 
This boy is still with us through no fault of his own and deserve a real chance at a forever home.

Ollie would prefer to be the only dog in the home.

Ollie has gone to his forever home!