Olivia the Greyhound

We are so happy to introduce you to beautiful two year old Olivia, a tattooed greyhound who has lived her short life in kennels, waiting for her next race, or her next litter. We dont really know nor care how many races she has won or lost or how much money she made. We do know that when she arrived with us, she was riddled in fleas, with a gut full of tapeworms and an untreated injury to her back leg. She also did not know how to be a dog, how to enjoy food, be petted, walk indoors, play with other dogs, interact with people, look for treats, sleep on a comfortable bed, or that she even has a name. She came into foster shell shocked. Yet, with the Greyhound ‘industry ‘ the way it is, she is one of the lucky ones to be alive now, and to be in rescue. She now, has a second chance. If like many decent people you consider greyhounds as pets, with the same wants and needs as all other dogs then you need to meet Olivia. She has endured a life in the desperate boredom of kennels, where she was muzzled, left in a cage, raced, then put back in that cage. Despite this she is learning, in foster, how to be a pet. Olivia tries to play, is curious at how the world works, has mastered stairs, treats , and adores lasagne ! She is friendly with the other dogs and adores her walks – she is very vocal with her happiness and will whimper with joy when she is being rubbed. Greyhounds make incredible , easy pets.
If you have ever yearned to adopt a beautiful graceful dog who will crave your attention for the rest of her life, come and meet Olivia. Olivia would do best with another dog to help show her the ropes, and in the early years will need someone at home part of the day as she naturally has some separation anxiety from her past. She is still learning how to be a pet, but she has all the signs of being an incredible companion in the right home. No cats or small furries for Olivia and children over 8, as she is a big, strong, fast girl.

Olivia has gone to her forever home!