Myah the Greyhound

Myah is a big goofy soft ball. Myah is 18 mths old. She loves her toys, food and cuddles. The most chilled dog ever, will love zoomies in the garden with a ball, but only enough energy for 2 minutes and then a nap time. The easiest dog on the lead, no pulling or stopping, walks next to you at all times and not bothered by other dogs, though still a bit sensitive to sudden loud noises. House trained and sleeps through the night. The favourite spot is teenagers bed or couch, but will sleep in her bed if must.
Definitely not the high energy dog as we are led to believe, 2 walks of 30 minutes a day and a zoomies in the garden and the rest of the time she just chooses to play with her toys and sleep.
Myah is very nervy around busy roads so we are looking for a home that is not in a built up area. She will do great with another playful dog or as an only dog if she has the company. She has recently had a toe removed due to injury but has recovered really well. An enclosed garden a must, children over 8 and no cats for Myah. Oh and a tip would be hide all your shoes as she is still very much a puppy at heart.

Myah has gone to her forever home!