Misty the Collie x

Misty the collie x is approx 2-3 years old. She is so friendly, sweet, playful, curious, and intelligent. Currently, she is staying with two dogs and after adequate settling time is doing very well with them.

She is a mellow dog, and when fosterers leave the house, she has happily and calmly stayed at home in the house. She really enjoys relaxing!

Misty really deserves a loving home with space, and people who can give her the love and time she deserves.

We have no idea how she is with young children but she is quite playful and loves to jump! Hence we would recommend a home with children over 10. An enclosed garden a must for Misty as she can be a but skittish at times. She hates traffic and walking by too much cars . The noise scares her. Country home best for Misty. 

Misty has gone to her forever home!