Luna the Lab Shepherd x

Luna is a smiley, big goofball, about 3 years old and with a fab sense of humour. She adores everyone except cats(!) and is wonderful with children (over 8).
She is super-clever and very food motivated, so learning new tricks is a breeze, and she loves showing off the tricks she already knows. She has loose leash walking down on familiar roads but will need someone strong to help her master self-restraint as she is overly enthusiastic to meet other dogs she sees on walks and needs more training to learn better manners. She’s very excitable in new areas but this is improving with calm training. 
At home, she can be anxious, but with the calm training she is getting the hang of learning to chill. She is happiest in the evenings on her bed in the living room, snoozing with the family around her watching TV. 

Luna is looking for a home experienced with strong breeds and a home where she wont be left alone for long hours.

Luna has gone to her forever home!