Lilly the Patterdale

Lilly is a female Patterdale terrier approximately 1year old. She was taken out of the pound and been in foster for 6 weeks but is now ready to be in her forever home. She is very dog social, house trained, good on the lead. She is excellent off lead, except in wooded areas where she can head off on little adventures, very typical of her breed. Even in these situations she will come back quite quickly as she checks in with her handler very frequently. All humans that meet her fall for her sweet nature. Lilly can live easily with other dogs, she could live with children (over 8 ) as long as the parents were willing to work with the children to ensure respectful engagement with a small dog. She has a little physical quirk in that she has lost some of her bottom lip in her past life, but it only serves to make her look cuter in my book!

Lilly has gone to her forever home!