Lilly the German Shepherd

lilly the german shepherdLilly is a 2 year old black female GermanShepard. She is a very affectionate, energetic dog who loves to be around her family. She is fantastic with kids and good with other animals however she may need a little time to adapt to other dogs. Lilly is very curious and loves to be out and about so an enclosed property is a must; the bigger the better! She can get a bit lonely if left alone for very long periods of the day so a family with someone at home often would be perfect for her.

 Lilly loves spins to the shop in the car etc; wherever her owners are she wants to be. She especially loves taking her owners on long walks and playing with balls. She loves cuddles and handing out kisses.  Lilly is fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, neutered andI.K.C. registered.

lilly the german shepherd2

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