Kass the German Shepherd

Kass is a very special case. She has been in our care months now. We are going to try our best to find the right home as difficult as it may be. Before she came to us she was not socialised. She was used as a guard dog and led a very isolated life for years. This has made her fearful and wary. She is fine with other dogs in the shelter but extremely wary of people. She has only a few favourite people whom she has learnt to trust. Kass needs an adult only and very experienced home. Rural environment with large enclosed garden. She would love a home where it is understood that it will take time for her to trust and that she has her safe spaces to go to when she is unsure. She loves to play ball and loves her toys. She so wants to trust but never has in all her years.

Kass has gone to her forever home!