Kaiser the Dutch Shepherd

Kaiser is a stunning 9 month old Dutch Shepherd or Dutch Shepherd x. This breed is highly intelligent and very focussed. They need to be kept BUSY to stop them from becoming bored and destructive. Due to a trauma at a young age Kaiser is unpredictable when it comes to handling ie rubbing him unexpectedly. He will seek affection on his own terms. In his current home they have learned to love him when he looks for love and cuddles. He does have some resource guarding issues and these need to be worked on,. He can be distracted with treats. He is so eager to learn and is highly trainable. Due to his resource and petting issues he is not suitable with the toddler in the home. He has never snapped or shown aggression towards the child but the responsible decision is to home Kaiser in an adult only home who are super experienced with the Shepherd Breed. Kaiser appears to be a mans dog. That is he responds to the male in the home and respects him hugely. He would be an ideal companion for a man that respects the breed and the respect will definitely be mutual. We will NOT like all our dogs be homing him to sleep in a shed or in a kennel outdoors. These are all Kaisers positive traits.Kaiser is housetrained and loves being indoors with his humans. He is an extremely intelligent, confident and bright young boy.He picks up training super fast.He absolutely loves his ball and playing chase. He also loves a bit of tug of war.Kaiser is very sweet when he wants affection, but is not a dog that wants lots of cuddles. He is house trained and crate trained.He is a very active dog, and loves being outside, and adores his walks.He adores our 12 year old labrador. He is picky about the dogs he gets on with. Kaiser is an absolutely beautiful boy, and will be a fantastic dog in the right home.

Kaiser has gone to his forever home!