BOOKED: Jack the Jack Russell

Special home needed for this little Jack Russell terrier named Jack. This tiny boy has sight impairment and randomly bumps into things and finds it hard to judge certain areas and height. He is looking for a chilled adult only home where he wont be left alone for long hours. He is such a snuggly boy who has definitely had hard times in life before he found his way to us. He walks with a little bounce and loves to curl up on your couch or bed (if he is allowed). Jack would do fine as the only dog or with another calm friendly dog. An enclosed garden a must for Jack.  Here are some pointers on Jack:

1) NO livestock in close proximity.
2) SECURELY fenced in garden with enough space to run around. He is VERY
active and loves to run. We got him a sensory ball toy, trying to teach
him fetch atm.
3) Gradually introduced familiar walks, he enjoys. He walks well on the
lead and responses to sound and voice signals.
4) He will need assistance with steps. We bought him a sturdy harness
with a handle, which works really well. I guess a stair guard would be
necessary at least in the beginning.
5) Calm adult home. I guess teenagers would be fine if they don’t run
around the place.
6) A quiet place to rest.
7) Routine.
8) Not sure about cats but probably a no due to anxiety around livestock.
9) ok with calm dogs, might
be even nice for him to have a buddy.
10) He is fine with kitchen noise, mower, hoover, washing machine etc.
11) If he gets woken up from a nap suddenly, he growls until he
orientates himself, but this only happened twice. Other than that we
have heard no barking.

He sleeps quietly through the night and loves a belly rub and his grub!

He is a VERY clever and quick learner and super affectionate. Recall
works well in familiar places with little distraction. With distraction
recall is ok. We are working on sit atm. He LOVES a good puzzle. We have
a sniffing toy and got him a snuffle mat which he enjoys a lot.
I can’t comment on his age, but he has some puppy behaviour still eg
gnawing your hands very gently. He will map/pace the house/garden by
himself. He is a confident little guy and will be following you around the
house, but goes to rest when the house is quiet.

Booked and getting getting ready to go to a forever home!