Holly the Collie x

Holly is a sweet and super energetic 9 months old Border Collie x puppy.She is very cuddly and sweet natured, but she doesn’t seem to be aware of her size quite yet, so she can be a bit clumsy and a rough when playing. Holly needs someone patient and willing to work with her on her lead training, and help her build confidence.Holly gets nervous with loud noises and sudden movements, and can be a bit wary of people at first, so she would fit in better with children over 12.That said, with some kindness and treats, she warmed up pretty fast to her foster family, and is working on getting used to being around new people. Holly needs a very active household to keep up with her energy. She likes long walks, playing fetch, moving her bed around the house, making confetti out of tissue paper… all the good stuff!Holly is a bit nervous of busy streets and traffic, so she’d do better in a house outside the city, and would love to be able to run around a big garden! Holly seems to get along well with other dogs, but she is not cat tested.

Holly has gone to her forever home!