Hannah the Lurcher

You know the song “Hard Hearted Hannah”? Well it has nothing to do with this girl. Incredible when you consider how she was treated. Found abandoned and living rough, she arrived to foster terribly underweight, nearly bald with mange, a kidney infection and ear mites – no wonder her tail didn’t wag.
Now less than a month on, she is bouncing back at an amazing rate.
Hannah is a friendly, timid but trusting lucher, not much more than a year old.
She’s curious, goofy and loves cuddles. Any spare bit of carpet or couch will do, but if there happens to be a corner of a bed with a friendly person in it………… enough said!

She gets on well with other dogs, plays with her foster brother Buster endlessly, loves bins and kitchen tables/counters with unattended food. Hannah is house trained once she has access to outside, although expect the odd accident until she finds her way. She sleeps the night and remarkably doesn’t chew cushions etc. Hannah has really good recall.

Hannah is a very gentle soul; she loves children. She is very much drawn to the men of the household. Her favourite trick is to nuzzle a spare hand for a pet.

The ideal forever-home for Hannah might be an active family home with children, a garden and maybe even a companion doggy pal. Though, if not left on her own too much, a single loving owner would quickly become the centre of her universe.

She loves walks and is brilliant on lead but will happily trot along beside you off lead. Hannah is a thing of beauty in full flight. There’s nothing slow about our big-hearted Hannah.

Hannah has gone to her forever home!