Glen the Collie

Glen is a lovely gentle quiet boy who loves nothing more than having a bit of company. He loves belly rubs, scratches behind the ears and will happily sleep by your desk all day as you zoom call away to your hearts content and won’t utter a beep fact the only time he “barks” is when he’s asleep! Glen has been recovering from two broken legs so unfortunately we don’t know what he’s like with other dogs/cats/children as his movement has been restricted. Glen will need patience and understanding as he still has a bit to go on his recovery journey. He might need another small follow up procedure in a few weeks time (therefore the need to find a local home near our vets) and will likely be on long term painkillers. Glen won’t be able to be very active or go for long walks for a good few weeks yet. He is ok on the lead around the garden (he doesn’t understand that he can’t run around like he used to) but Glen might need a bit of training on the road (& general training) when he is able. Because of his recovery, Glen needs an adult only home as children could injure him accidentally as he recovers. A home with someone who has a lot of time to spend with him, who doesn’t mind soaking his kibble in hot water and who will be very understanding when he accidentally pees a little bit (he is housetrained) because he’s so happy to see you! Glen can be a little frightened in the car & sometimes flinches when being touched so we think he would benefit from the company of an older calm doggy friend to show him the ropes. An enclosed garden is a must for this very special dog.

Glen has gone to his forever home!