Eorna the Wheaten Terrier

Eorna is looking for a special home. Having been moved about a good bit in his young life he is exhibiting anxiety and hates being alone for too long. He has met some tough times and experienced some abuse in his past. The Wheatens are strong dogs and need a lot of exercise. Eorna can be dog reactive (based out of fear) and is looking for a rural or suburban home with a large garden he can play in and an area he can be walked in where he wont meet other dogs. He is currently seeing a trainer and will benefit from continued training. Eorna is looking for a patient, experienced adult only home who has the time to give him the exercise and continued training he needs. He adores people but craves security.

Eorna is not in the care of Cork DAWG. We have been asked to help find his perfect match

Trainers profile:

What are his stumbling blocks?
–  He is very lively and strong on the lead so the new family need to be physically able for him. 
– He is sensitive to being groomed but he did do very well when I demonstrated the grooming program and this can be built up easily provided the family follow guidance.
– Struggles when left on his own.
– He has a strong chase drive, typical of his breed.
– He is reactive to dogs on walks. However, during consultation he demonstrated an exceptional ability to learn and was able to lay down in the grass, being very relaxed and observe dogs walking past him at a distance of 15ft. His potential is enormous and provided the family work with us to help him with this, he will be able to walk confidently around other dogs without issue.
Plus points
He is an absolute brainiac and learns super quickly.
He is bundles of fun and loves to play games.
He is a super snuggler when he wants to cuddle, his handling issues are limited to the grooming brush only. 
His reactivity would be described as moderate, not extreme.
He loves his food so this makes training super easy with him.
Rehoming Requirements
Eorna doesn’t need an isolated, super quiet environment. Whilst he wouldn’t be suited for city living or anywhere with lots of hustle or bustle, a quiet suburban estate would do nicely in my opinion.
He is a HUGE lover of people so I think a family with older kids (12+) would be fine so long as they knew the children could not be walking him. he is also strong, so could knock someone over easily if he jumped up. An adult only home for this reason would be preferable but I wouldn’t rule out teenage children.
He’d make a great hiking or camping companion for someone as he is robust with lots of energy.
No other pets is a must.
The family must be willing to provide ongoing training to help with his issues around dogs and be home most of the time to help with his separation behaviours and his need for mental stimulation.

  • Age: 1-3 Years
  • Size: Large
  • Gender: Male
  • Good with Cats: No
  • Housetrained: Yes

Eorna has gone to his forever home!