Bonnie the Rottweiler

Bonnie the Rottie

Bonnie the Rottie

Hi, I’m Bonnie. When I came to my foster home in November, I was only about 9 months old, I have now grown up a bit and have grown into my big feet!! I LOVE everything!! I love life, people, dogs, food, and my favourite past time is smelling, I smell everything!! If I’m not sleeping, I’m usually having a sniff around the place!! My foster Mammy says I’m a nosey parker and I suppose I am!!

While my foster brother and sister are happy enough to lie down and watch everything go on around them, I much prefer to be right beside the humans in my foster family to see exactly what’s going on. I like to know what everyone is up to!!! I love meeting people, can sometimes be a bit jumpy though. My foster Mammy says I shouldn’t do this, but I just get so excited and happy!! I don’t have a tail, but you’ll always know how happy I am, I wag my whole body instead! I’m always wagging!! I love to sleep in front of the fire in the evening, but I don’t start really snoring until everyone else in the house is asleep!!!

Bonnie is very friendly, bouncy and always on the go.  She is very good with the children and knows to be gentle. Sleeps through the night and good with other dogs.

Gone to a forever home!