Benny the Hound

Benny, this hunk of a hound, is ready to start looking for his forever home. Benny is very special to us. Having evaded us for approx 6 months and living a lonely life hiding, he finally got braver and we finally caught him. Benny is a beautiful timid boy. He MUST be homed with another dog to help him gain confidence. He MUST have an escape proof garden and plenty of space to potter about in. A rural home is best for Benny, a canine friend and children over 10 will suit. Hound experience an advantage.

Update from Bennys foster home. Benny the foxhound is a gentle soul and somewhat famous around this neck of the woods. Known as “The Ballincollig Hound” Benny roamed wild for many months in the regional park before being secured and sent for rest and recuperation to Paulines wonderful rescue centre. We have him for just over 4 weeks now and he is a joy.  Certainly, one of the easiest dogs we have fostered. Regular mealtimes morning and evening, a decent walk during the day and that’s it! The rest of the time Benny is happy to sit in the porch or by the wood fire,

and watch the world go by. He quickly made friends with our wonderful Buster and MUST HAVE at least one doggy companion in his forever home.  Benny is happy in the company of humans and greets the family with a waggy tail – cuddles are not his thing…yet!  He is gentle and patient with strangers he meets on his walks and as a doggy celebrity is recognized regularly. Excellent with all dogs on walks. Benny is shy from his time in the wild, he startles easily with sudden moves or loud noises and is still a flight risk, needing to be on lead when outdoors.  While he is a gentle goofball with absolutely no aggression, Benny is  strong and requires a strong adult on the other end of the lead.

Benny is now fully housetrained. 



Benny has gone to his forever home!