Belle the Spaniel Cross

Belle Belle

Belle is approx 7 years old, she is a quiet, gentle girl, Belle loves her home comforts and would make the perfect pet for any family. She does not require huge amounts of exercise and prefers to snooze in her bed. Belle is also cat friendly.

Her fosterer says, “Belle is a striking white dog with gorgeous tan and brown markings on her floppy ears.She has lovely expressive brown eyes and appears to have a constant smile on her face!

She is a very affectionate intelligent girl with a lovely temperament and is great with everyone she meets(including children). She is fully house trained, sleeps through the night, and responds to basic commands. She loves to be near people and will follow me around from room to room but is so well-behaved I hardly even notice she’s there.

Belle loves to snuggle up to watch the television but her favourite thing ever is to roll over on her back and have her tummy rubbed ! She loves her walks but is not a high-energy dog and is good as gold when left alone.

She is currently in foster with four other dogs and after a little settling-in period,now gets on well with them all…she can be a little wary of new dogs,especially more boisterous ones. Belle will make a wonderful companion for some lucky person or family (she’ll win you over in a heartbeat once you meet her!)…..she is an absolute pleasure to foster.”

Belle has gone to her forever home!