Bear the Shihtzu x

Bear is a 1-year-old Shih Tzu Bulldog mix.  Dont let the shihtzu in him kid you as he is as strong as a bullie and loves to rough play. He is in foster with a corgi currently and a frenchie comes to visit and they have a ball. A playful strong medium dog is needed to keep Bear’s energy levels satisfied. He is a super happy and affectionate dog, full of energy and loves to play. 
When done playing he loves a cuddle and will happily snooze away on the couch beside you.
He loves his walks and is excellent on the lead. He has also shown such good behaviours when meeting other new dogs and people while out and about.
He sleeps in his crate at night without issue and is housetrained.
He has had a lot of upheaval during his short life so deserves a loving home when he can settle in and become part of the family.
Bear can be quite nippy and demanding when vying for your attention  so an  adult only home for Bear. 


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