Bart the Hound

Poor Bart was discovered hiding in a hedge, cowering from everyone. He was very lost and all of his paws were covered in sores. He could barely walk with the pain. Typical of these poor foxhounds, nobody missed him, nobody cared. He came into foster, very shellshocked and shut off. A few weeks on, this handsome boy is coming out of his shell. He is beginning to enjoy the company of other dogs and to wag his tail when he sees people he trusts. He is only about two years old and has not a bad bone in his body. He is gentle and kind. He loves children and other dogs and will potter around the garden and lie in the sun. Bart is a typical hound. He is soft and stoic and is keen to try out the life as a pet. We think that he will thrive as a family pet. While he learns the ropes, Bart will need patience and experience. Those of us who have a very soft spot for hounds, promise it will be worth it. An enclosed garden is an absolute must.

Update Bart is now in foster and doing amazingly well. The most gentle boy you can meet, in foster with pups and cats and perfect with all.

Bart has gone to his forever home!