Urgent Foster Appeal for Snoop

Snoop the Staffie, aged 8, is in urgent need of a foster home due to a change in owner circumstance. Please share this post to help him find a home.

Snoop used to live with another dog but since his pal died a few years ago he has been very isolated and is hence not well socialised. We are looking for an only dog home for Snoop and preferably Staffie experienced. Snoop is severely overweight and has laboured breathing from lack of exercise. He needs a proper diet and short walks. He ADORES people, can’t get enough attention and is so so loving and loyal. He is fantastic with kids but because Snoop is built like a tank we are looking for a home with no children or with teenage children.

Snoop’s existence is very lonely at the moment and we only have a week to find him a home. Is your home suitable for this big slob? Do you have experience with the breed?

If you can offer Snoop a foster home, please fill out our fostering application

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