Thor’s Happy Ending

Back in March, we were horrified when a terrified, traumatised and savagely injured Jack Russell Terrier came into our care. The dog, who we named Thor, had been held over a dog fighting pit and used as bait. His terrible plight caught the attention of TV stations and newspapers across Ireland, and Thor found thousands of friends and supporters on Facebook.

Very sadly, the vets were unable to save Thor’s leg, which had to be amputated. Then his slow recovery and even slower rehabilitation began. You can follow Thor’s full story. Thanks to Thor’s veterinary team at Riverview, his veterinary nurse Valerie who fostered Thor with her own dogs, his dog behaviourist Nanci Creedon who dedicated time to his rehab, and the many many people who donated to help us meet Thor’s medical needs and the cost of his care, Thor slowly began to physically recover and come out of his emotional shell.

Finally, at the end of June, Thor was ready for adoption. He was blessed to find the perfect home with Daragh and her JRT Andy, where he’s settled in beautifully and is confidently hopping around on three legs and dragging his foster brother around in a basket. We could not have been more delighted to get the photos below of Thor enjoying his first Christmas under the tree in his perfect forever home!

These photos show Thor’s progress from his horrific injuries and very tentative rehabilitation to a transformed dog, happy, healthy and beloved as all dogs should be. Thor sends a special thank you to everyone who made this happy ending possible for him!

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