RIP Ted- Ted the Pug

Update: This beautiful boy passed away surrounded by love. He was absolutely adored by Angela and Kevin who are left bereft after his passing. Thank you everyone who sponsored this little man.

Ted is 14 years old. With his advanced age comes a few curve balls. He is going blind, he has an ongoing battle with bronchitis and his mobility is severely hampered due to arthritis. Because of this he requires daily medications and routine vet visits. He also requires mobility aids. He loves his pug pram. Ted had a rough first 12 years. He didn’t know what a soft bed was or how to eat or drink out of a bowl. He spend much of his life outdoors and in a shed. His little brother Jack, whom he was rescued with passed away recently. He now spends his days between all the soft beds he wants and the sofa and a trip out to go a Rollin’. He has his very own bowl too. Ted has been known to hang out at some fundraisers and he is a huge draw and does his best to raise funds to earn his keep. He is a complete joy. Your sponsorship will help immensely and contribute to keeping Ted comfortable in his twilight years.

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