Tank the American Staffie

Tank staffie xTank came to us as confused pup who seemed to have been abandoned and was found wandering the streets. When we found him he was exhausted and malnourished. His coat was wiry, the pads of his feet were worn thin and sore. As it turned out he had been around the area for approximately a week before we had even seen him, and no one had attempted to call, catch or even notify anyone as to his presence. He had truly been abandoned.

Without knowing his history it is difficult to tell his true breed but as far as I can tell he is an American Staffordshire. He is also quite young, and like all pups is full of energy, and loves his walks and runs in the forest. More specifically though like all bull breeds he loves human company so would do best in a house where some one is around most of the day. He doesn’t need to be entertained, just needs to be able see or hear a person around the area.

He is fully house trained, we have had him a few weeks now and there hasn’t been a single accident. Like I say he loves his walks and is very well behaved on the lead. He will pull if allowed but a simple correction and he slows his pace perfectly and behaves beautifully around other dogs.

Tank will make a fantastic addition to any household. He is young and like all pups is still learning so a patient, caring and loving house will be all the better for having this boy in it. He is already an amazing dog, who will no doubt grow into a beautiful gentle example of true nature of the bull breeds.

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