Rue the German Shepherd – RIP

The beautiful noble Rue, passed away surrounded by her loved ones last week. All her health issues finally caught up with her. Run free beautiful girl –
Rue was surrendered to DAWG. While in foster she became irritable and her fosterer noticed thaton passing bowel motions, she cried with pain.  Roo is genetically predisposed to an auto immune disease, which for Roo has presented itself In the form of an anal fistula, (an additional passage beside her anus). The pain and inflammation of this fistula is now under control, but will only remain so, once she continues on auto immune suppressant medication. This is a once a day tablet for the rest of her life. The cost of this treatment currently is €230 a month.
Rue is a beautiful girl, so kind and so forgiving to humans given the fact, that she was never received the right attention for her illness until now. She deserves a second chance, this is what this medicine will give her.
Rue is adored in her foster home where she has the company of other dogs and cats. She is a very special girl.

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