RIP Rodney – Sponsor Rodney the Rottweiler

RIP Rodney. Rodney passed away recently due to lymphoma. His family are devastated. But will never regret a single day with this amazing dog.

Rodney has been in foster since he was 3 weeks old, having been rescued with his mother and siblings from a tough situation.

His siblings were rehomed but his fosterer noticed there was something not quite right with Rodney. After many tests, Rodney was dignosed with Wobblers Syndrome. Wobbler Syndrome is instability of the neck vertebrae and is caused by compression of the spinal cord as a result of malformation.

Basically, sometimes Rodney’s legs let him down and sometimes he falls or loses function in his back legs. Therefore he will stay with our fosterer Jane and her family permanently as a life-long foster.

Your sponsorship will help towards his veterinary care, and food.

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