Bonnie's Rainbow Bridge Tribute

The only blonde member of our family,
Always lit up when her people she’d see,
She was always intent about minding “her” car,
And although she rambled, she never went far,
The theft of socks was a puppyhood flaw,
But she could force forgiveness with an offer of paw,
And who could forget the stealing of sweets,
She ate all the wrappers as well as the treats,
And although she chewed through the kitchen floor,
She never let trouble beyond our door,
She loved to lie down at the yard in the shade,
Oh how quickly goes by a decade,
We have all changed so much,
But she stayed the same,
A constant companion,
So loving, so tame,
And although we noticed how much she’d slowed down,
We couldn’t imagine her not being around,
She was more than a dog, more than a pet,
Her sweet darling nature we’ll never forget,
So rest easy now,
You’ll feel no more pain,
But we know our home just won’t be the same.

Remembered by: The Foley Family

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Signed by: Hayley 3, Laura, aww, Buddy, Mika OCallaghanMaher, Noreen ross, Colette, maria o donnell, Karine, Samantha Kavanagh, Cliona, Natascia Neretti, Anne Sharkey, Martina W XOXOXO, Yvonne K, joe walsh, Daniel, Maire, brfa paul, Kinga Hornatkiewicz, Kathleen OBrien, Kate Redding, Sabrina