[Updated] Puppy Watch! Emily: Pregnant and Pulled from the Pound

Update: Emily has given birth to a litter of six gorgeous little pups. See the photos below, and than you for your donations towards the care of this little family!

Last week, DAWG was alerted to a beautiful and heavily pregnant Black Lab who had been found straying and had been handed in to a local pound by a kind stranger. Her pound photo, above, broke the heart of everyone at DAWG who saw it, and we rallied the troops and put the wheels in motion to try to help her.

An extremely kind volunteer made an urgent, difficult journey from Cork to Mullingar in the horrible weather that preceded Hurricane Rachel to collect this mama, who we named Emily, and bring her back to the warmth and comfort of an experienced DAWG foster home. Delayed by the storm, we hoped Emily would make it back to Cork before giving birth — and she did!

After a quick trip to the vet, who declared she is due any day now, Emily is now settled in with a fantastic and experienced fosterer who regularly hosts pregnant dogs and un-weaned puppies. Thanks to some extra special DAWG volunteers working together, Emily will be able to have her puppies in a warm and comfortable home where help is at hand 24 hours a day instead of in a concrete pound kennel.

We’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of Emily’s puppies and will post an update when they arrive! Emily is now one of 119 dogs in DAWG’s care, and her puppies will join an extraordinary 36 puppies included in that number.

Please help us to care for Emily and her puppies! Text CDAWG to 50300 to donate €4 or donate online.

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