RIP – Sponsor Juno

RIP Juno – Juno passed away due a stroke recently. She was adored and will be sadly missed.

When Juno arrived she was in a terrible state. Her eye was so badly and deeply infected it had to be removed, she was emaciated and covered in fleas. She must have wandered around for weeks in absolute agony. The vets only choice was to remove her eye, it couldn’t be saved. She was a great little patient and went into foster shortly after her op.

There her fosterer saw her bumping into things and was very disorientated but presumed it was because of the eye op. Sadly weeks later a specialist told us that she only had half a retina in the other eye. Over time Juno has become more or less completely blind but she is used to her companions and she has plenty who watch out for her.

Juno is a mischievous little lurcher who will stay permanently in her foster home where she has two other dogs for company. She is used to the layout of the house and surrounds and it would not be fair to move her on. She is a great little fund raiser also and attends many dog fundraisers. Your sponsorship will help towards her lifelong veterinary care, and food.

Update: Juno recently needed her remaining eye removed. She had no sight so it hasnt changed her life hugely and she is more loved than ever. Thank you for your continued support.

Sponsor Juno

juno staying juno by james